With Every Atom wins Klarna Award For Sustainability
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      Why Should You Become A Stockist?

      We’re an independent, home grown company with a love for yoga, a passion for sustainability and an eye for great design.
      Yoga was something I discovered a little later in life and it’s been a daily safe haven in an often uncertain world. It’s helped tremendously with fighting off anxiety and grounding each day in something constant that has helped move me closer to self actualisation and meeting my potential.

      I spent many weeks ensuring I sourced from an accredited source that could produce world-class quality, responsibly. When you take from nature it is virtually impossible to leave zero footprint, but we strive to be as responsible as possible and make decisions in order to become net positive to the planet.

      Coming from a design background, it is important for me to produce something of high quality that is eco friendly, but also looks beautiful. We use natural rubbers and sustainable materials to achieve colour and print that adds meaning to practice on something that is beautiful and unique.


      "Customer care is a cornerstone of what we do. The relationships we have with others, however small and fleeting, are extremely important to us in our personal and professional lives." 


      The name ‘With Every Atom’ comes from the belief of loving the planet and everything on it with every atom of our being. It represents that we are all united through science and are ultimately built the same, not separate, and not so different. Having deep meaningful roots in Yoga. We have global shipping options that you can have a look at over here. Can’t find the option that suits you? get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.

      Greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give. We want to give back to the community and that’s why we donate a proportion of our profits to Yoga Stops Traffick, to support the women and children survivors of people trafficking.

      As an independent business we understand the growing pains you might face as a start-up company, because we’ve been there. That’s why we offer no-minimum wholesale orders so you can restock with minimal risk.

      Have some more questions or would like to place an order?

      Email us: info@witheveryatomyoga.com