With Every Atom wins Klarna Award For Sustainability
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      Natural Rubber Bases
      All of our mat's bases are made from rubber. A sustainably harvested and 100% biodegradable material.

      Heat Sealed
      No toxic glues involved here. Heat sealing allows us to build a quality product without the harsh chemicals.

      Water-based Inks
      Design is everything to us. We've made them kinder to the planet by using inks that are free from harmful chemicals.

      Naturally Derived Cork
      Some of our mats and blocks are made using a premium quality cork top. The material is completely natural, toxin free and 100% biodegradable.

      Organic Cotton
      Our yoga straps and bags are made using 100% organic cotton. Organic means no artificial chemicals and pesticides. Organic cotton uses between 60 and 90% less water compared to conventional cotton – it also benefits soil quality and farmer health.

      Biodegradable Packaging
      All our mats come in recyclable packaging and travel mats come in a fully biodegradable pouch.

      One Tree Planted for Every Order
      For every order we receive, we'll plant a tree. We are always aiming to minimise our impact and leave as small a footprint as possible.

      Future Aspirations
      By 2022 we plan to change all of our microfibre topped mats to be made from 100% RPET recycled plastic bottles, meaning less plastic in landfill and at the end of the mats lifecycle the mat can be separated and recycled again and again.